Designs and Builds Recording studios around the world, from Atlanta to New York. From California to Africa.

We are experts in every aspect of studio construction.




Acoustical Treatment

Patchbay Layout

Audio Wiring




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MAG GC Inc. is the parent company of MAG CSF.

We design and build recording studios, home theaters,

live rooms, vocal booths, acoustical treatment:

broadband panels/clouds/base traps/diffusers.

Here is a sample of our work over the past several years.

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Building recording studios is a complicated endeavor and can be very expensive, especially if your contractor lacks the experience it takes to know the ins and outs of proper studio design, sound-proofing, acoustical treatment, audio wiring, and gear. We have been building studios since 1998 and can accommodate any budget. From basements to bedrooms. From office space to warehouses we have done it all.

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